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Hair Loss solutions come in many forms, it could be you are recovering from an accident or have taken medicine from the G.P and it has made your hair fall out, resulting in patches of hair loss.  Neither situation is good and we appreciate this painful time.  We work with solutions and we offer many treatments in our clinic for balding, hair pattern loss and total hair loss.  Don’t think that the only option is to comb over the hair that is still there
“Many thanks to all staff – I was very well looked after – procedure was painless.”

“Looked after at all times; staff where very friendly and make you feel relaxed. Everything was explained from start to end, in conclusion a very happy customer.”

“I have been treated like a VIP all day, my procedure has gone very smoothly and I am delighted to recommend the team to anyone thinking of a Hair Transplant.”

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Balding Clinic Cardiff

If you have gone for the close shave all over, you will no doubt feel that your head is now exposed to the elements, you need to look after this area of skin that you haven’t had to think about before.  Wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days.  You don’t want a red head, drawing even more attention to yourself.

Men and women suffer from bald patches, they may get made fun of by their teenage children, or have noticed it in mirrors.  Some people feel vulnerable and it may stop them from socialising as they feel people are judging and talking about how old they look.  We hope to help by offering services in our Balding Clinic in Cardiff.    

Male Pattern Baldness

MPB can run in families, so unfortunately it was always going to happen.  The hormones are present in the female body, but they might not develop until later in life.  It may be that there are other factors for the balding; medications (mentioned above), diabetes, chemotherapy, poor diet can cause hair to thin or fall out. If you experience unusual hair changes, you should make an appointment with your local G.P. in addition to meeting with our specialist.

Balding clinic Cardiff

Our Cardiff clinic talks to, and works with patients every week who suffer from balding.  We take time when we meet to cover your medical history, try to get an understanding of when you noticed the balding and take it from there.  We will only suggest treatments and solutions, giving you all the necessary information, it is up to you to decide.

Part of our job is to analyse the hair follicle; it’s amazing what we can determine by doing various tests.  We may tell you things you had no idea about, so you should find the information very useful for your general wellbeing and health.

First Step for Balding Solution

Phone our Cardiff clinic (number below) or complete the form on this website.  We will do our utmost to give you some appointment times that suit your lifestyle.  We enjoy meeting new patients and we have a very high success rate, but we urge you to be completely honest with us about your medical history etc., this enables us to present the best solutions to you.  We will be very clear about the cost, and how it could be paid.

Hair Transplants are not instant solutions; it can take up to 6 months for the new hair to settle.  New hair follicles need to grow and settle in your scalp.

Make Contact

We experience a good relationship with our patients, normally they recommend others to us.  Ask to see our Before and After patient images, to make an appointment with our Trichologist, please complete the form below and we will get back to you.

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