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Female Hair Loss

We have a hair loss clinic in Cardiff and we are very busy with patients suffering from a variety of conditions, some need a surgical procedure (through choice) and others opt for the non-surgical.  For female hair loss, no dietary supplements or homeopathic remedies will reverse this condition, the only person that can give you evidence based advice that you can rely on is a Trichologist.
“Well organised and experienced staff – put you completely at ease…pain free experience too! Many thanks to all…”

“Very friendly and thorough. All alternatives were discussed. The operation was pain free and the aftercare was very accommodating. I look forward to the months ahead.”

“Conscientious and responsible staff and procedures. All explanations clear and thorough… Glad I found you”

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Female Hair Loss is a horrible experience, everyone wants thick, glossy hair that flows around their shoulders, or a hairstyle that is striking and dynamic.  One of the first things people notice is your hair, or lack of! Millions of females suffer from hair loss, hair thinning or hair breakage, it is a terrible situation for any female to be in.

Hair Loss Claims

Some chemists advertise capsules for female hair loss and say its proven and guaranteed to give you lasting results, this is mostly untrue as if there is a genuine reason for the hair loss, no tablet will restore the hair follicle.  Our resident Trichologist has this conversation very regularly to determine how we can help patients.

Female Hair Loss Clinic Cardiff

We get regular feedback that we are approachable and a solution focused female hair loss clinic.  We try to lessen your fears and help you deal with the psychological apprehension of it all.  What we don’t do is guarantee you an instant turnaround, as that is impossible.

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Please complete the form on this website to arrange a FREE female hair loss consultation, we will try to accommodate your lifestyle and ideal appointment times.  If you confirm an appointment date/time please arrive 5 minutes before your allocated slot.  We will cover your medical history and ask questions about your lifestyle to ensure we recommend a treatment that will be suitable.  We are here to help, take the first step forward by contacting us.

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