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Female Hair Thinning

Millions of females in the U.K. suffer from female hair thinning, it’s a terrible blow to the confidence and self-esteem.  They feel unattractive and not sexy, however there are solutions in the marketplace that can help restore your liveliness, and of course your Hair!
“Had a good day – staff were excellent; no pain and looking forward to next few months.”

“Looked after at all times; staff where very friendly and make you feel relaxed. Everything was explained from start to end, in conclusion a very happy customer.”

“Procedure was pain free; staff put me completely at ease! After-care excellent… like travelling first class. Would like to think more people would tell others about procedure as it is definitely a confidence booster”.

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Female Hair Thinning

Females think herbal or over the counter tablets can help, they pay the large price tag and hope and pray it sorts itself out, however, in our experience that is usually not the case.  It may be that you have just given birth and have lost a lot of your hair during your pregnancy.  The most important thing is to take positive action and find a solution.

Another name for Female Hair Thinning is Alopecia, it could be thyroid issues or an imbalance in your immune system that changes the hair follicle and causes indisputable hair loss.  Some may opt for a wig or hair extensions, but they don’t look natural and can be very expensive ongoing, this cost will only need maintenance.

Female Hair Thinning – Options

In our Cardiff clinic, we offer various treatments, we meet with you, ask questions about your medical history and lifestyle.  We then, with your consent, take a hair follicle sample and assess your scalp.  When we have the hair follicle result, we should be able to correctly advise on what we feel is the best form of treatment for female hair thinning.

Trichologists are hair and scalp specialists (one type of skin specialist) who diagnose the causes of hair fall, hair breakage, hair thinning, miniaturization of hairs; diseases of the scalp and treat according to cause.

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Female Hair Thinning – Timescales

The treatment time could be up to 6 months, hair needs to settle in the scalp and new hair will fall out, then grow back in, stronger and thicker.  Patients panic when this happens as we find everyone is so rigorously looking for results.  You must be prepared to give it the 6 months as this should be a permanent solution.

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