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Female Hair Transplant

Our Cardiff Clinic has male and female Trichologists who are professionals expertly trained to assess the hair follicles and scalp to determine the reason for your hair loss.  The female hair transplant procedure is not complicated, but before we advise on any treatment, we need to fully understand the history. Approximately 40% of the female population will suffer from hair loss in their lifetime.
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“Staff very friendly, excellent service; was comfortable just hoping to see good results soon and will be back for a second procedure – not too much pain either.”

“I have been treated like a VIP all day, my procedure has gone very smoothly and I am delighted to recommend the team to anyone thinking of a Hair Transplant.”

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Female Hair Transplant Cardiff

We treat thousands of patients each year for female hair transplant procedures in our Cardiff Hair Loss Clinic.  We are an established firm of professionals who support each patient from initial consultation through to aftercare customer service.

Female Hair Transplant – Hair Loss

The only sensible thing to do is make an appointment with our Trichologist who will advise on the female hair transplant options and then you can make the best decision.  Once you know what treatment is best, you can then look at the finance options.  The treatment plan is not an overnight fix; it will take several appointments and you should be prepared to be patient for approx. 6 months.

We hope that patients we meet will decide to have their treatment done by us, however here are some tips in picking the best clinic:

  1. Look at the Before and After images of actual patients (not photoshop)
  2. Ask to see and read any references looking at the dates on letters or digital stamp
  3. Find out how many times they have successfully done this treatment and what hurdles they experienced

Female Hair Transplant Procedure

The treatments available are; FUE Transplants, Female Hair Transplant, FUT Transplants, Laser Hair Transplant and Non-Surgical Solutions.

When you come into our hair loss practice, we will do a hair and scalp test.  When we have the results, we can advise on what we think the cause is and what we feel the best solution would be.  We do suggest that you research yourself and compare it with our suggestions.  This is an emotional journey and takes a lot of finance.  However, the long-term results are outstanding.

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We have patient consent to show you before and after images.  To make the FREE appointment for consultation, please call us or make contact via the form below.  We will do our best to accommodate your preferred date and time to meet with us.

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