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FUE Hair Transplants

If you have heard the term FUE Hair Transplant, but unsure what it means, we can tell you it’s where hair follicles are taken from an area of the scalp (has lots of healthy hair) and grafted onto another area that is going bald.  This is the preferred option and it can take up to 9 months to see healthy hair coming through.
“Looked after at all times; staff where very friendly and make you feel relaxed. Everything was explained from start to end, in conclusion a very happy customer.”

“Staff very friendly, excellent service; was comfortable just hoping to see good results soon and will be back for a second procedure – not too much pain either.”

“Procedure was pain free; staff put me completely at ease! After-care excellent… like travelling first class. Would like to think more people would tell others about procedure as it is definitely a confidence booster”.

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FUE Hair Transplant Cardiff

A FUE Hair Transplant is not an instant result; it can take 9 months to get the results you are looking for.  Your new hair will fall out and new thicker, healthier hair will grow in its place.  Medication, Illness and deficiencies in your immune system may impact on the hair growth.  We need to establish what has happened and then

Male and females are suitable for this FUE Hair Transplant procedure; the process takes up to 9 months to see healthy hair emerging from the scalp.  We find that it’s important to manage the patient’s expectations, primarily, so they are not disappointed if the results are not visible in a shorter period of time.  The important thing is to have healthy hair follicles emerging that can grow and increase in thickness, giving you a full head of healthy hair, in time.

Is the FUE Hair Transplant for me?

We advise on a variety of hair loss treatments, it’s up to you to decide what is right for you.  We will be open and honest about our findings when we analyse the hair follicle to determine if FUE Hair Transplant is the best treatment for you.  To come in and meet with us, please either call us or complete the form below.  We will try to offer you an appointment date and time to suit your work and lifestyle.  Our patients are our top priority and we want you to experience this from the first phone call through to our excellent aftercare service.

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