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FUT Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant is where hair is grouped together in (up to) 4 hairs and transplanted into the scalp.  It should mimic the way hair grows naturally and it should be undetectable as a Hair Transplant.  This gives a lot of patients’ confidence to have this FUT Hair Transplant as they don’t want it to be obvious and a talking point with people or their employer.
“Had a good day – staff were excellent; no pain and looking forward to next few months.”

“Conscientious and responsible staff and procedures. All explanations clear and thorough… Glad I found you” ….

“Very nice atmosphere; pleasant staff. Everyone very helpful and everything explained well.” “Great. Excellent staff…very happy.”

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FUT Hair Transplants

When any hair transplant is done, it is important to try and minimise the trauma to the scalp, we want the FUT Hair Transplant to appear as natural as possible.  The good news is its done under local anaesthetic and takes just a few months for the new hair to grow in (as opposed to 9 months with FUE Hair Transplant).  The hair itself should look like genuine hair and this is one of our most popular treatments in our hair loss clinic.

Have confidence in the FUT Hair Transplant

There is minimal disruption to your daily life, the downtime for recovery is minimal.  We will cover this with you when we meet.  The first consultation with our Trichologist is FREE, we assess your suitability for the procedure and discuss with you the Pro’s and Con’s versus other treatments we offer.  We will do the hair follicle and scalp test then share our findings with you.  We need to assess if you have any skin irritations or conditions and then can advise on the cost of your chosen treatment.  We will need to take some medical history from you and ask you questions about your lifestyle, we don’t want to recommend something that is unrealistic for you to maintain in the long-term.

We carry out thousands of these FUT Hair Transplant treatments each year, the results are visible on our patient before and after pictures and we have testimonials we can show you.  To arrange a time to meet with us, please complete the form below and take advantage of the FREE consultation.

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