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Hair Loss Clinic

Our hair loss clinic in Cardiff is very busy, we treat thousands of patients each year for a wide variety of hair loss situations.  These may include Male Pattern Hair Loss, Female Baldness, Balding etc.  A medical professional is the only person that can assess your hair follicle; the technical term is Trichologist.  A Trichologist assesses your hair follicle and scalp determining what is the reason for the hair loss firstly, and secondly what we can offer you.
“Very professional service – everything explained and informed. Many thanks.”

“Procedure was pain free; staff put me completely at ease! After-care excellent… like travelling first class. Would like to think more people would tell others about procedure as it is definitely a confidence booster”.

“I was most impressed with the standard of care and professional service throughout the day. A big thank you to everyone!”

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Hair Transplant Clinic In Cardiff

Losing your hair is one of the worst feelings, it dents your confidence, lowers your self-esteem and you feel unattractive to your partner.  We may assume people notice and talk about us, however the only person that matters is you!  It is important that you keep it in proportion, seek a solution and after research and consultation pick the best treatment for you, resulting in a long-term fix.

The best thing you can do is visit our hair loss clinic in Cardiff, try not to ignore the fact you are losing your hair and don’t pay for excessively priced over the counter tablets from the chemist, you may think psychologically they work, but in reality, they are just a short-term fix, if that.

Everyone wants thick, glossy hair however few have this without the help of hair extensions or similar.  You can affect your hair and skin with the diet you have and the amount of exercise you do, however it’s not the primary reasons, you will lose hair if its hereditary or you are suffering from a medical condition.

Hair Loss Clinic in Cardiff

Some of the Hair Loss Clinic treatments we offer are:

·         Hair Transplant

·         FUE Hair Transplant

·         FUT Hair Transplant

·         Biofibre Hair Transplant

·         PRP – Platelet Plasma Therapy

Hair Loss Clinic – Make an Appointment

Use the form below to make an appointment with our Trichologist.  We will do a hair and scalp test to determine why your hair has fallen out, broken off etc.

We may ask questions like;
  • Have you gone onto a contraceptive jag or pill?
  • Have you been taking medication and one of the side effects is hair loss?

It could be something quite simple, however most people very seldom read the side effects as they assume it won’t happen to them.  When we get the hair and scalp results back, we will tell you what our best recommendation is.  The choice is yours, we can only tell you our opinion.

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