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Hair Loss Cure

If you notice hair loss then you normally look for the best and fastest cure available in the chemist.  You want to apply some lotion or potion and for the results to be instant.  Fact is it doesn’t work like that in reality!  There could be a wide variety of reasons for your hair loss but we can help you determine a hair loss cure.
“I had a stress free day”.

really put my mind at rest. Had no worries was made to feel very comfortable – Tea Coffee Toast…Very little pain. Do not hesitate if you need this operation. Best thing I’ve done. Thank you very much.”

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Hair Loss Cure Cardiff

The first thing you need to do is speak to our Trichologist, if you prefer same sex person, please tell us when you make the appointment.  The Trichologist looks at how the hair follicle grows, they assess it, clean it and graft it back onto the scalp, encouraging new growth.  This works for most, but for some unforeseen reason, it may not be possible.  If this was the case, we would help you identify which was the best hair loss cure for you, it could be FUE Hair Transplant, Laser Hair Transplant or Non-Surgical Hair Transplant.  There are options out there, we just need to find the one that is suitable for you.

Hair Loss Cure – Cardiff Clinic

Everyone is striving for the perfect hair, skin, smile etc.  The list goes on, but you cannot compare yourself to the photoshop images in the media.  Even supermodels have hair issues, in fact they probably wear wigs or hair extensions.

Our goal is to give you the option of a life-changing investment in your future.  If life would be easier and you feel you would be happier with the hair loss cure in form of hair transplant or FUT Hair Transplant then we can only tell you if we believe it would work.

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The first hair loss cure consultation is FREE, yes absolutely no charge whatsoever.  We want you to feel comfortable and its exploratory at this stage.  We will ask about your medical history and if you have had any treatments in the past.  Please be honest and upfront with us, if you are honest we are in a better position to help.  We will try and offer you various appointment dates and times, please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time.

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