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Hair Loss Remedies

Patients tell us they hit Google for hair loss remedies, try various homemade lotions and potions only for it to be a waste of time.  We have a hair loss clinic in Cardiff and every year we treat thousands of patients for hair loss situations.  Hair loss can impact your health, confidence, friendships, it basically impacts on every area of your life.  We should be able to offer a solution, to find out why you are losing your hair we need to meet and assess the hair follicle and your scalp.
“The day ran very smoothly and the staff were very friendly and helpful. If you have any doubts about getting this procedure done, then you can rest assured you’ll get the best service and help here. Thanks very much to all staff”.

“Very nice atmosphere; pleasant staff. Everyone very helpful and everything explained well.” “Great. Excellent staff…very happy.”

“Conscientious and responsible staff and procedures. All explanations clear and thorough… Glad I found you”


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Hair Loss Remedies

When we have assessed your hair follicle, we will share the information with you.  At this point we can talk to you about the treatments we would suggest moving forward.  In the ideal scenario, the results will be permanent, however we cannot make that guarantee.  We are extensive in our testing, cleaning and grafting the hair back onto your scalp, without causing too much stress to the head area.  Hair loss remedies can also come in over the counter tables or capsules from leading Chemist chains, these may psychologically help you, but long-term its not the right solution.

Hair Loss – Is it Medical

We need to know if you have had any accident or illness recently?  Are you on contraceptive pills or the jag as this can make hair break off.  There are many reasons, so we need to go through a process of elimination to understand what has happened so we can inform you on what we feel is best for you.

Hair Loss Remedies – Revitalise Your Life

Feel energised that there are options available for you to consider.  There is clearly a cost for any hair loss treatment, but to find hair loss remedies that work, how marvellous is that?

Our staff are expertly trained to help you through this emotional journey, we sit down and talk to you in the first meeting and then we are with you every step of the way.  No question is silly, so we recommend you ask as many questions so you feel comfortable.

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