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Hair Loss Treatment For Woman

Hair loss treatments for women is a delicate subject, no woman likes to feel they are losing their good looks, their hair and it can have a damaging impact on their lives.  They may feel they are being judged, criticised, that their partner doesn’t find them as attractive and its impacting on their professional life.  They want to look like their icons in the media, on the TV / Movie screens and to have glossy hair.  It is a horrible, stressful situation to be in.

“Feel good – No pain procedure and very thorough. All staff very pleasant and helpful…initial appearance looks great.” Thanks”

“Well organised and experienced staff – put you completely at ease…pain free experience too! Many thanks to all…”

“Very friendly and thorough. All alternatives were discussed. The operation was pain free and the aftercare was very accommodating. I look forward to the months ahead.”

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Hair Loss Treatments for Women – Take Action!

Our Cardiff clinic have resident Trichologists who will meet with you, take a hair follicle and scalp sample.  Assess both of these, and then advise on the findings.  We will need to determine if its caused by taking medicine or if its possibly hereditary.  The most important thing is we find a solution.

We urge everyone to be realistic and to meet with us / our Trichologist will determine what the cause is for the hair loss.  Hair loss treatments for Women can be BioFibre Hair Transplant, FUE Hair Transplant, Non-Surgical and Laser Free Hair Transplant.  The point is, there are many options we can talk to you about.

Cardiff Hair Loss Treatments for Women

Some causes are down to genes, hormones, medical tables etc, but we offer a variety of services that should be suitable as hair loss treatments for women .  We will advise on cost per treatment and see what fits with your budget.  The first appointment will take approx. 45 – 60 mts, we suggest you arrive 5 mts before your allocated time so you can complete paperwork. To make contact, please complete the form below on this website or alternatively, call us on the number above.  We will aim to get back in touch with you ASAP.

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