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Hair Loss Treatments

Our Cardiff hair loss treatments clinic offers a wide variety of services for patients in the area.  We treat both male and female patients and have resident Trichologists (male and female) who can meet with you and talk to you about the best hair loss treatments for you.
“A fantastic day. Members of staff were very helpful and friendly. The expert team are great – really put my mind at rest. Had no worries was made to feel very comfortable – Tea Coffee Toast…Very little pain. Do not hesitate if you need this operation. Best thing I’ve done. Thank you very much.”

“Very friendly and thorough. All alternatives were discussed. The operation was pain free and the aftercare was very accommodating. I look forward to the months ahead.”

“Thoroughly professional; caring and re-assuring. Second visit to the practice, which perhaps tells its own story. Staff are very supportive and make the procedure all the better.”

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Assess Your Situation – Hair Loss Treatments

There are a variety of situations why you could be suffering from hair loss, it could be you have suffered an accident, had a baby through pregnancy and your hair has fallen out or you could be on the contraceptive pill and your hair has broken off.  We meet thousands of people each year and have been regarded one of the most established clinics in the Cardiff area for many years now.

Our Trichologist meets with you and discusses our services, costs and timeframes.  We need to do a hair follicle and scalp test to determine the issue and then discuss our findings with you.  We will give you as much information as we can, this appointment is FREE.

The products you can buy over the counter in leading chemists will not solve the hair loss situation, the hair loss treatments are manufactured by leading companies, but your hair and skin are unique.  Only a trained Trichologist can advise and guide you in the right direction for endurance.

Hair Loss Treatments – Make Contact

Make contact with our Cardiff hair loss treatments clinic to arrange a suitable date and time for you to come in.  We will do the hair and skin test same day and then advise you of the results ASAP.  Please be aware we only recommend services we offer and will advise based on our actual findings.  The website form on this site will be sent to us and we will make contact, alternatively please call us on the number above.

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