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Hair Transplant Costs

Our Cardiff Hair Transplant Clinic would love to have a conversation with you about our hair transplant costs and services.  We are a leading Hair Transplant clinic and our staff are recognised as experts in this industry.  We have been established for many years and our top priority is our patients and looking after your needs.

“Very friendly and thorough.  All alternatives were discussed. The operation was pain free and the aftercare was very accommodating. I look forward to the months ahead.”

“Looked after at all times; staff where very friendly and make you feel relaxed. Everything was explained from start to end, in conclusion a very happy customer.”

“Many thanks to all staff – I was very well looked after – procedure was painless.”

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Hair Transplant Costs Cardiff

Patients assume that hair transplant costs are very expensive and not an option for the lower or middle-class person.  This is not the case; we treat thousands of patients each year and many refer their family members or friends to us for similar treatments.  If you take pride in your appearance the chances are it’s hurting you that your beautiful hair is gone, rest assured we can help, in some way.

The first step is to meet with our Trichologist who will do a skin, scalp and hair follicle test to ensure you won’t have any reactions to the procedure.  We will ask for your medical history and discuss the practical and physical implications of having this work done.  There are many treatments which will restore your hair, our job is to identify which one is right for you.  It could be FUT Hair Transplant, FUE Hair Transplant, Laser Hair Transplant, Non-Surgical Transplant.  The result can be outstanding and you will not regret starting this journey.

Hair Transplant Costs depend on the number of grafts needed to complete the treatment, it really is that simple.  We encourage you to ask questions about the procedure, otherwise you won’t appreciate the amount of work we are doing on your scalp.  The scalp area can be very tender for a short-time after the surgery, this is to be expected as we are doing a lot of work on your head.

It is not only men that want to know hair transplant costs, we get equal enquiries from females and also transgender.  The hair transplant could be the most important thing that is happening in their life just now.

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The treatments that are available from our Birmingham Clinic are;

  • Bio Fibre Hair Transplantations
  • PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy
  • Non-Surgical Hair Transplants
  • Laser Hair Transplants
  • FUE Hair Transplants
  • FUT Hair Transplants

Ask us about beard transplants, we are getting a lot more enquiries about this throughout 2016 as it appears to be in trend to grow a beard.  If you would like to make an appointment to come and see us, please either complete the form below or call us on the number above.  We are here to help you restore your luscious hair and feel confident in your appearance again.

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