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Male Baldness

Male Baldness or Alopecia affects approx. half the population of men in their lifetime.  It can be a hormone deficiency or a side effect from something else.  To find out about this, you need to speak to a professional.  The person to help is called a Trichologist, we have a resident Trichologist in our Cardiff clinic.  Information about Hair Loss can be found here – Source Wikipedia.
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Male Baldness Cardiff

Some men suffering from male baldness just shave their head, however there are options available so you can restore your head of hair.  It does take time, the process from start to finish could take several months, but the relief you will feel when you see the transition will be incredible.

Our staff are trained to relate to you and the angst you are experiencing.  We will take time to listen to you and after doing a few simple tests on the hair follicle and your skin, we will advise on the best form of male baldness treatment plan.

Our Hair Loss Treatments include;

  • Male Pattern Baldness
  • FUE Hair Transplant
  • FUT Hair Transplant
  • Biofibre Hair Transplant
  • Laser Hair Transplant
  • Non-Surgical Hair Transplant

Male Baldness – Cost of Treatment

We are not able to quote until we have met you and carried out the tests.  The cost varies for each patient as it depends specifically what treatment you are going to receive.  There are many lotions and tablets advertised to help with male baldness, but in our experience, it’s impossible to determine your cause without the tests and a Trichologist consult.

Stigma of Aesthetics for Men

There is an even split between the gender of our patients but also Transgender patients.  Our hope is that every patient has a good experience when they contact or visit our Clinic in Cardiff.  Customer service is our top priority.

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