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Male Hair Thinning

It is undeniable that the thought of your hair thinning, breaking off, or worst still going bald is very scary.  Our Cardiff clinic is very busy with consultations for male hair thinning treatments.  We give you honest advice after a consultation and our clinic is well equipped to help with any hair loss issue you may, or will have in the future.
“I was most impressed with the standard of care and professional service throughout the day.  A big thank you to everyone!”

“Procedure was pain free; staff put me completely at ease! After-care excellent… like travelling first class. Would like to think more people would tell others about procedure as it is definitely a confidence booster”.

“Very professional – staff excellent and friendly – everything clearly explained.

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Male Hair Thinning Cardiff

Hair Loss Medication is a marketing strategy promoted by the large corporations in the hope that you will buy the 3, 6, 9 + months supply of tablets and that you will convince yourself it works.  We believe that its totally unrealistic to determine if supplements will work, especially when the hair follicle hasn’t been analysed.  Yes, we all probably want the quick fix and to take a tablet and think all will be well in a matter of months, but hair growth doesn’t work like that.  We need to find the root of the cause and then come up with a male hair thinning solution.  Hormones can play a large part in hair loss, it’s a fact of life.  Stress, exercise and diet are also large influencers, life is very busy and the tell-tale signs can be via our Hair and Skin.

Celebrities with Male Hair Thinning Issues

Many celebrities and TV Stars suffer from male hair thinning, but some opt for a hair piece i.e. John Travolta the trouble is when you know it’s a hair piece / wig then it just doesn’t feel natural.  We pride ourselves on our work and the results we achieve for clients, ask to see our before and after patient images that we have permission to use.  You will see the difference and we can talk through the timelines with you.  We are experts in hair regrowth area, we have treated thousands of patients in the past year alone, our staff are regularly trained in the latest procedures for male hair thinning.

Male Hair Thinning Options

We want to raise the awareness that there are many options available to men and women for hair thinning.  You do not need to suffer in silence.  We offer a FREE consultation to determine what treatment would be suitable for you.  To make the appointment please complete the website form below or alternatively call us on the number above.

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